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Thus began an underground revolution, wherein artists could create and share work that represented lifestyles truer to their own.

I'm most interested in the emotions of sex, and in the relationships." —Anya Ulinich "Like a lot of women, I'm a rape survivor, and for the first decade of my sex-having life, that colored a lot of my experiences.

didn't even have all that much transgressive sex in it, certainly not by erotica standards.

If memory serves, it took about 80 or so pages of the least erotic blather around to even get to the first sex scene.

Today, in honor of this year’s Banned Books Week, we bring you free online texts of 14 banned books that appear on the Modern Library’s top 100 novels list.

Next to each title, see some of the reasons these books were challenged, banned, or, in many cases, burned. Orwell’s totalitarian nightmare often seems like one of the very few things liberals and conservatives can agree on—no one wants to live in the future he imagines.

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An unread book, after all, has as little impact as an unpublished book.” Books that don’t pass muster with administrators, school boards, library associations, and legislators of all kinds, argues Ockerbloom, can be as inaccessible to young readers as those that get destroyed or fully suppressed in parts of the world without legal provisions for free speech.