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You will probably be give you a printout of your baby by the sonographer as a keepsake, it is important to remember the main purpose of the scan.The first Trimester Scan, is Scans are usually performed by a doctors, midwives or radiographers who are specially trained in ultrasound, and are known as sonographers. The amount of liquor (amniotic fluid), the position and appearance of the placenta and a detailed scan of the baby itself.If you are unsure of your period dates or have an irregular cycle, we suggest that you contact your doctor, midwife or health care provider as early as possible to arrange for a dating scan.There is no hard and fast rule for the number of scans you should have during pregnancy.

The view of the nasal bone should show three distinct lines: The first two lines, are horizontal and parallel to each other, resembling an 'equal sign'.

First trimester ultrasonic scans may show 'soft' markers for chromosomal abnormalities, such as an increased fetal nuchal translucency (back of the neck) to enable detection of Down's syndrome fetuses.

The test is performed between 11 weeks and 13 weeks 6 days into your pregnancy.

The baby will be measured, and the anatomy examined in detail.

It is recommended that all pregnant women have a scan in the first trimester at around 12 weeks of pregnancy to confirm their dates.

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You do not need to have a full bladder, a moderately filled bladder is needed for a proper examination.

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